The Lady of the Half-Light

By Александр Сапожников
Size (height&width): 89*57 cm
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Size (height&width): 89*57 cm.

Style: Fauvism, Figurative.

Techniques: Oil on Canvas.

Subject: Portrait.

Double-sided work

1 The woman in the picture is dressed in an eye-catching way. You can see that her dress is made of luxurious fabric and is nicely trimmed. The headdress costs a lot of money. The armchair in which the lady is sitting, a large vase and a bouquet of flowers cost a lot of money. However, there is a lack of taste in all this. This was often the case with the ladies of the semi-retirement who were trying to compete with the aristocracy.

The tones of the painting are dominated by greenish hues. Surprisingly, there is also too much green on the face, neck and cleavage. It's as if the artist has chosen to emphasise that this image does not deserve clean, light colours. Bright colours are used in the picture. The fabric of the dress is displayed with very successful strokes. However, abundance of different colours overloads the image. This is what the artist was trying to achieve.

2 The artist has depicted a young girl who is barely out of childhood. On her lap there is still a doll. But already great desire to enter adulthood. The expression is stubborn and haughty. The fancy dress is out of the question. She puts on whatever she can, gets her hair styled in a smart way and looks in the mirror. Apparently, one of the first expensive gifts she received.

The background of the painting is unusual. It is dark blue, greyish-blue with pink in the lighter areas. Red, orange and crimson hues dominate above. Most unusually, there are streams of gold all over the canvas. Apparently, the artist depicted golden rain falling on the chosen one of destiny. The chaotic jets express the artist's distaste for such a situation.

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