Dear friends!

ARTEO Online Gallery of Contemporary Art, ANO "Unicum" and "Igor Sazonov's Publishing House" hold 2 competitions for illustrators and novice artists:

No.1 "The Best Picture Competition".

From 1st to 15th of August 2023, our telegraph channel will become an online gallery, where the works of the artists taking part in the competition will be exhibited. The winner will be the artist with the most 'likes'.

The PRIZE TO THE WINNER - 50 thousand roubles and valuable gifts from the organisers and sponsors.


  • be subscribed to our Telegram-channel
  • under 25 years old
  • Art education is optional  
  • Each author can send to the competition one work and, if desired, a description of it. The competition includes paintings and drawings. The picture should be taken from the front and back side
  • if you have a portfolio you can also send it to us
  • Also, to take part you'll need to re-post the competition from our TV channel in your social networks and send us the links 


  • the winner will be the one whose entry receives the maximum number of likes (red hearts ❤️)
  • anyone who likes and subscribes to the ARTEO gallery channel can vote
  • you can like any number of pictures

No.2 "Milana Aldarova Artwork Illustration Contest".

10 texts will be published in a separate Telegram channel. Each participant can choose any 3 texts and make illustrations. Work should be sent by email indicating the number of texts in the subject line.

The PRIZE TO THE WINNER will be a contract for illustrating Milana Aldarova's book from "Igor Sazonov´s Publishing House". The results of the voting are summed up by the curators of the ARTEO gallery.


  • no age limit
  • To illustrate a minimum of three texts (one illustration per text)

ARTEO Gallery will not accept works that

  • do not belong to the sender
  • violate Russian laws

In the case of a dispute the organisers reserve the right to check if the work does not infringe upon anyone's copyrights.

Please, send your works from July 15th till August 1st to

On August 10 voting will be closed and the gallery will summarize the results. The winners will be announced on August 15th.

Be sure to include the contest number in the subject line. If you are taking part in the picture competition, please also note the numbers of the texts you have chosen.

Everyone of you can become a winner and get a prize and see your work on the pages of a popular book.

ARTEO gallery team

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