Our story

The creation of the online gallery began long before the creation of the gallery in a Leningrad apartment, where Georgy Mikhailov, a schoolteacher, began to organize exhibitions of nonconformist artists. These creative evenings soon became very popular, and the collection of paintings began to grow rapidly.

These events were soon banned, and the collector ended up in prison for his activities. After his release, he emigrated to Europe, where he continued to support young artists and organize exhibitions of their work.

We have carefully preserved Georgy Mikhailov's collection and created a website so that even more people could become acquainted with the art of the Leningrad underground.

a project that brings together artists, collectors, and everyone who loves art

Our mission

We promote Russian artists, organize exhibitions and help young artists find their audience.

The site ARTEO has a convenient filtering on the various characteristics to search for works, as well as a section Advisory.

Write to us and we'll be happy to help you find a painting or exhibit your author's work in our online gallery.

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